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The blog has been quiet for a while, but we’ve been working hard on Plot of Druid. The game will take place over three chapters that are roughly equal in length. So far, we’ve completed around 2½ hours of playable content, which is most of the first chapter.

The game will let the player harness the powers of nature in order to solve puzzles. For example, sometimes an earthquake is just what’s needed to get people’s attention. You’ll also have the ability to turn into a ferocious animal. Well, maybe not that ferocious, but it has a unique skill set.

This is what we have so far:

Beautiful, hand-painted art
Six areas
Two closeup scenes
Thirteen non-playable characters

There are many types of druids...
Druids who really
 don’t like nature
Druids who really
 like their green 
Druids who don’t
 follow the rules
Druids livin’ large
 Druids who know
 Druids who just 
want peace and quiet 

We wrote over 1500 lines of dialogue. Most of those lines were revised at least half a dozen times as we added more jokes.
Many of the lines have been voiced by professional British and American voice actors.
We also added over 40 different sound effects and 10 minutes of music.

Instead of using a traditional frame-by-frame technique, we switched to Spine 2D in order to smooth the animations. Spine let us add many MANY smooth animations. But it’s not perfect, so we still manually added lots of frames in order to make animation look as smooth as possible.


Menu actions
We’re using classic point and click actions like Talk To, Open, Pull, Wear, and Consume. Each object or hotspot will only be given actions that make sense but still allow for creative approaches. For example, you can’t wear a door, but you might able to “wear” a glass of water by pouring it on your head.

We added a bag in the lower right corner that opens the player’s inventory. You can also access the inventory by right-clicking anywhere on the screen. We replaced the leaf icon with a magnifying glass, which we thought would be more intuitive.

We added a character portrait of Jase in order to express his personality more vividly.

Hotspots reveal
Sometimes it’s fun to carefully search a room for useful items. However, it can be frustrating when you know you’re missing an item and have no idea where to start looking for it. We added a feature where the player can reveal all the hotspots in the room by holding down the spacebar.

 Hotspots marked with magnifiers
We still have a little more content to add, including new characters, areas, cutscenes, animations, and voice acting. We also plan to add translations to Hebrew, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.


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