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As promised in the previous post, here are the four major tasks we did in the previous months: Gameplay  - Scrolling-aside inventory and circle of actions you can choose to operate on hotspots. You will be able to interact with characters and objects with full list of actions like you did in all of the classic point and click games: Talk, Look, Use, Pick up, Push, Pull, Open, Close. But why using old-fashion interface style? The Reason I chose to make full list and not just short one like in the modern adventure games which use three simple actions generally Look, Use and Talk (and in some games even less) is so we can make a unique and funny puzzles and not just have one 'use' action that you click on and wonder  "hmm... let's see what he is going to do.." and after that "Wow he opened it? I didn't meant it" or "this thing can really opened?!" We want you to play while you are mostly know what you are doing and not just trying r