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And... we launched a FREE demo!

Hi Fans, It's Yakir, the project lead, director, producer, writer, designer and programmer of Plot of the Druid! (Yes, that's how it goes with being an indie dev... you need to take on many roles in order to bring a game to life.) Now that the demo has been launched, I wanted to take a moment and write about what we’ve been doing during this fruitful year. It’s been busy. In my last post, I mentioned some of the features, areas and characters that we’ve made. We also added a new feature – a journal to help the player focus on their journey. At first, it was meant to be a hint system and a “to-do” list, but we decided to take a more story-wise approach. In general, “to-do” lists are collections of short, simple statements about the player's goals. They can certainly help the player keep focus, but IMO they can also pull the player out of the game and reveal a bit too much about the developer’s plans. We want to provide an option to help the player keep their focus, b