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As promised in the previous post, here are the four major tasks we did in the previous months: Gameplay  - Scrolling-aside inventory and circle of actions you can choose to operate on hotspots. You will be able to interact with characters and objects with full list of actions like you did in all of the classic point and click games: Talk, Look, Use, Pick up, Push, Pull, Open, Close. But why using old-fashion interface style? The Reason I chose to make full list and not just short one like in the modern adventure games which use three simple actions generally Look, Use and Talk (and in some games even less) is so we can make a unique and funny puzzles and not just have one 'use' action that you click on and wonder  "hmm... let's see what he is going to do.." and after that "Wow he opened it? I didn't meant it" or "this thing can really opened?!" We want you to play while you are mostly know what you are doing and not just trying r
Hi guys, In the last 4 months we worked hard (and still working) on the demo for Plot of The Druid. Before I will start to explain what we made so far I want to introduce myself (The author of this page): About the creator of Plot of The Druid The long version My name is Yakir Israel and I am HUGE fan of point and click adventure games. I enjoyed them so much till I decided to take it a step further and make adventure games by my own, so I started to run my creative mind and wrote couple ideas over the years, each story was not feel me right till I got to Jase, the lazy cynical young druid who generally prefer the shortcuts in his life but as a result make them worst and complicated. So, I decided to move forward with it, I wrote the story, and then broke it into puzzles, it took me three years to finish it. I enjoyed it so much so I started to try and draw it but it turned out to be a disaster since I never was a good painter. So, I looked for someone to work with, lots of
And god said "Let there be light!" and the dwarf's hut was on fire..
We are glad to inform we have finished our concept art for all locations that will take place in the first episode of POTD, also we did about 80% of the characters concept art and interface UI design. Right now we are testing the Visionaire Studio as a game engine. We made all the Point and click infrastructre for the game. Our next steps are: - Making animations for characters and environmets  - Finish remain characters concept art So wish us luck! P.S we are attaching the in-progress of hero concept art  
Adventure4Life Studios is a Point and click adventure games company We will write here post about our games, so if you are true fan of these kind of games this is the right place for you. So keep an eye open and check out the news with our new blog! Right now we are working on a game called "Plot Of The Druid" that will take place in a fantasy world... you wanna talk with dwarves? see some stinky ogres? maybe see a true warrior in action? Join the travel and have some fun cuz we will!! And don't be shy.. if you like what we are doing let us know, we need it as much as you need to be in a magical world!