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Good News The blog has been quiet for a while, but we’ve been working hard on Plot of Druid. The game will take place over three chapters that are roughly equal in length. So far, we’ve completed around 2½ hours of playable content, which is most of the first chapter. The game will let the player harness the powers of nature in order to solve puzzles. For example, sometimes an earthquake is just what’s needed to get people’s attention. You’ll also have the ability to turn into a ferocious animal. Well, maybe not that ferocious, but it has a unique skill set. This is what we have so far: Beautiful, hand-painted art • Six areas • Two closeup scenes • Thirteen non-playable characters There are many types of druids... Druids who really   don’t like nature Druids who reall y   like  their green             Druids who  don’t  follow  the rules Druids livin’ large             Druids who know  everything  Druids who just  want peace and qui