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Hi guys,
In the last 4 months we worked hard (and still working) on the demo for Plot of The Druid.
Before I will start to explain what we made so far I want to introduce myself (The author of this page):

About the creator of Plot of The Druid The long version My name is Yakir Israel and I am HUGE fan of point and click adventure games. I enjoyed them so much till I decided to take it a step further and make adventure games by my own, so I started to run my creative mind and wrote couple ideas over the years, each story was not feel me right till I got to Jase, the lazy cynical young druid who generally prefer the shortcuts in his life but as a result make them worst and complicated.
So, I decided to move forward with it, I wrote the story, and then broke it into puzzles, it took me three years to finish it. I enjoyed it so much so I started to try and draw it but it turned out to be a disaster since I never was a good painter.
So, I looked for someone to work with, lots of people I t…